StubHub Foundation Box Office Terms of Service for Buyers (“Terms”)

Zvents, Inc. (as part of Zvents Box Office (“ZBO”)) provides the ticketing services for events sponsored by the StubHub Foundation. By using any of ZBO’s services, including purchasing tickets, you indicate your acceptance of the Terms. The Terms may be amended from time to time, effective immediately upon posting to this website, so you are encouraged to review the Terms regularly. Your continued use of ZBO’s services indicates your acceptance to any and all changed terms.

ZBO Is The Ticketing Agent ZBO serves as a ticketing agent to the event promoters and venue operators that organize and sell tickets for their events. We are not responsible for any other aspect of the events promoted through our website. If you are unsatisfied with an event that has been promoted or ticketed via ZBO, you must speak to the promoter or a valid representative of the event or venue.

ZBO Ticket Purchasing Fees A non-refundable service fee, delivery fee and transaction fee (collectively, the “ZBO Ticket Purchasing Fees”) may be added to each ticket purchased on this website. By purchasing tickets from ZBO, you agree to pay these fees, and understand that they will not be refunded under any circumstance. You are responsible for any carrier fees associated with mobile ticket delivery.

No Refunds or Exchanges All purchases are final. ZBO does not offer refunds or exchanges for tickets purchased through this website, except if the event is canceled (subject to the limitations below).

Cancellations In the unfortunate event that an event is canceled, you will be entitled to a refund of the face value of the ticket excluding all ZBO Ticket Purchasing Fees, in accordance with the event promoter’s guidelines. The event promoter has control over refund availability and duration. ZBO will not be able to issue refunds until the event promoter provides ZBO with the necessary funds.

Postponed Events If an event is postponed to a later date, it is the event promoter's responsibility to update the listing and notify the Zvents staff. In such a case, the event promoter is required to accept outdated tickets at the door for entrance into the event. Refunds for postponed/rescheduled events are determined by event promoters and you are encouraged to check the venue’s website or contact us for more information.

Opening Acts Opening acts may change at any time without notice. No refunds will be issued for a change to the opening act.

Acceptable Methods of Payment ZBO currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express (AMEX), and Discover credit/debit cards for payment. Because ZBO works with ShowClix to provide these services, all transactions will post a SHOWCLIX memo on your billing/bank statement.

Pricing and Availability ZBO sells tickets on behalf of event promoters. ZBO does not set ticket prices or control ticket availability or inventory.

Ticket Purchasing Limits Under certain circumstances, ticket sellers may set maximum limits for the number of tickets purchased per person. ZBO is not responsible for these limits, nor are we able to circumvent them in any way. Any attempted or actual circumvention of these limits by a ticket purchaser will result in the purchaser being barred from any further use of any services that ZBO provides, and the nullification of any tickets that the purchaser otherwise bought.

Event Promoter Rights You are subject to the rules and regulations of the venue and event promoter. These rules may include guidelines on appropriate behavior, your consent to search prior to entry to the venue, and your agreement not to bring banned items to the event or to record the event. Failure to comply could lead to your rejection at the gate or ejection from the event without refund so you are encouraged to review the rules prior to the event.

Accuracy of Information Users of any of ZBO's services certify that any information provided to us is complete and accurate and no order can be processed until billing information has been verified. ZBO will make every effort to validate the billing information you provide to us; however, if we are unable to do so, we reserve the right to cancel your tickets or prohibit you from using this website.

Unlawful Ticket Reselling Should you wish to resell any tickets purchased through ZBO, you are obligated to comply with all relevant ticket resale laws. Failure to comply will result in ZBO terminating those tickets without compensation and barring the unlawful party from further use of any ZBO services.

External Links ZBO is not responsible for any content or services provided by any websites outside of the or domain names, including any content posted on the event promoters’ or performers’ websites, or any content that a registered member or event promoter links to from this website.

Violation of Terms If you violate any of the terms herein, ZBO reserves the right to terminate your account, bar you from future use of any ZBO’s services, cancel your ticket orders, and take appropriate legal action.

Refusal of Service Your ability to use ZBO and any services offered through this website is a privilege that can be revoked by ZBO for any reason it deems necessary in its sole discretion, including without limitation for violating the Terms.

Content As a content provider, ZBO is not responsible for any content posted or displayed on any page within this website by a registered member or event promoter.

If you post content to the website, you agree that you will not post any materials that violate intellectual property rights or are illegal, improper, defamatory or in violation of ZBO’s community standards (e.g. communications must not be discriminatory, pornographic/sexually explicit, violent or harassing; you must not solicit personal information for commercial or advertising purposes or otherwise engage in commercial activity unless approved by ZBO). You agree that if you post such prohibited content, your right to use the services will be terminated. You are solely responsible for your content and acknowledge that by posting the content you grant ZBO a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, sublicensable right to exercise any and all intellectual property or publicity rights you have in the content in any media known now or in the future.

Alteration of Event Listings ZBO reserves the right to expunge any event or venue listing from this website at any time, under any circumstances, and for any reason.

Privacy Policies ZBO understands and respects your right to privacy. As such, the only unaffiliated third parties who receive your e-mail address are the ticket sellers from whom you purchase tickets. We will not share your information with other unaffiliated parties without prior approval.

In addition, we will only use your email address for password retrieval and to deliver information on events and services that may be of interest to you. ZBO is not responsible for any personal information posted on this website in a non-confidential manner (i.e. not posted via a secure form), and any such information is not subject to the policies above.